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A School is not just a mere building, but a home structured for teaching, learning and allowing the child to think creatively, build passions and also draw a pillar which embarks for the rest of their future. Vikas Central School functioning under Vikas Educational Trust, earlier known as Deepak School was established in the year 1993 – 94 and taken over by the current management in 2021 – 22. A true vision of our Founder Mr. Rajkumar, the institution continues to dedicate itself to prepare our students for a brighter and promising future.
Educational Programs

Step By Step Systematic Education


Creative Learning Opportunity For Kids

The materials in the Kreedo lab provide ample opportunities to experience and learn, as well as promotes peer learning through interaction and observation.
School Facilities

Engaging & Spacious School Campus

The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and aesthetics. From its firm foundation, the school building soars to an eight-storeyed vertical structure, symbolising an educational setting that enables students to rise to greater heights. CCTV surveillance system, wide corridors and stairwells, fire prevention system, and deployment of security personnel are among the several safety and security measures taken by the School to ensure a safe campus environment
Class Room
The spacious and wellventilated classrooms with natural light provide a conducive environment for learning.
Dedicated fleet of Van with the required safety measures that include first aid kit and communication facility. The Van crew, including bus hostesses, undergo regular training programs on road safety, student safety, punctuality etc.
Play Area
The Pre-Primary section and Primary section have their exclusive outdoor play areas, with age appropriate, and colorful play equipment, which facilitates the development of motor skills in students.
Computer Lab
All computers have the required configuration and software to support children's learning and the effective delivery of the curriculum. The computer labs provide an individual workstation for every child.
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